It’s time for Google to release a Pixelbook 2 powered by Tensor

Four score and seven years ago, Google announced the Pixelbook Go. It’s regarded as one of the best Chromebooks on the market, despite being almost three years old at the time of this writing. The popularity of Chromebooks has exploded in recent years, in large part thanks to the pandemic that continues to force people to work from home, as opposed to returning to the office.

In the time since the Pixelbook Go was announced, we’ve been (im) patiently awaiting the arrival of a Pixelbook 2. There was a brief period of time when the idea of ​​another Google-made Chromebook was left to the wayside altogether. This is especially true considering that the Pixelbook Go uses Intel’s 8th Gen chipsets, and we’re now anticipating an upcoming wave of 12th Gen Intel processors. Plus, AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors are now making their way into Chromebooks from Acer and others.

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