Russia’pouring fire’ on Ukrainian city as offensive mounts

SLOVIANSK, Ukraine (AP) — Russia was mounting an all-out assault on the last Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Luhansk region, “pouring fire” on the city of Lysychansk from the ground and air, the local governor said Monday, as Western leaders met to discuss ways of bolstering support for Kyiv. Luhansk Gov. Serhiy Haidai said Russian … Read more

Premarket: Price cap on Russian oil could shake up the market

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking the same link. London CNN Business — — Europe and the United States have barred the import of Russian oil to … Read more

US and allies look for ways to’starve’ Russia of energy revenues as Zelensky speaks to G7

Telfs-Buchen, Austria CNN — — President Joe Biden and fellow world leaders, huddling in the Bavarian Alps, heard Monday from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as they mull the next phase of his country’s grinding war with Russia. The conflict has been at the center of the Group of 7 summit being held inside a century-old … Read more

As summit host, Spain urges NATO to watch its southern flank

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is certain to dominate an upcoming NATO summit in Madrid, Spain and other member nations are quietly pushing the Western alliance to consider how mercenaries aligned with Russian President Vladimir Putin are spreading Moscow’s influence to Africa .. As the host of the summit taking place … Read more

Russian missiles hit Kyiv as G7 summit begins in Europe

CNN — — Russia targeted the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with a series of missile attacks Sunday, as leaders of the G7 nations gather in Germany for the first day of their annual summit. The chief of Ukraine’s national police force, Ihor Klymenko, said one person died and five were wounded in a Russian missile … Read more

The West wants to go further on Russian oil. Inflation makes that difficult

New York CNN Business — — Europe and the United States have barred the import of Russian oil to cut off a crucial revenue source for the Kremlin. But the plan to pile pain on President Vladimir Putin, forcing him to reconsider his war in Ukraine, hasn’t worked. Russia is making just as much money … Read more

Russia fires missiles across Ukraine, cements gains in east

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces were seeking to swallow up the last remaining Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Luhansk region, pressing their momentum after taking full control Saturday of the charred ruins of Sievierodonetsk and the chemical plant where hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians had been holed up. Russia also launched dozens of … Read more

Biden arrives in Europe to keep allies united against Russia as a grinding war in Ukraine takes its toll

Telfs-Buchen, Austria CNN — — President Joe Biden arrived in Europe Saturday for a week of summits, where the grinding war in Ukraine – entering its fifth month and fading from Americans’ attention – will be thrust back to the forefront. The President touched down in Germany late Saturday local time. Biden hopes to announce … Read more

How the melting Arctic could lead to huge riches—and world war

Santa’s getting company. Fast-melting sea ice has opened a potential new Arctic shipping lane across the North Pole, which will give powerful nations easier access to the frozen zone’s vast riches — but has also sparked fears of war. The Arctic Council predicts that, during the summers, sea ice will be gone by 2040 — … Read more

COVID-clingers still want Broadwaygoers to go through Rikers-like procedures

Earlier this year, I described the nightmare that audiences are being put through on Broadway. In the name of protecting the cast and other audience members, paying members of the public are put through Rikers Island-like procedures. We get shouted at on the way through the doors, ordered into lines, vaccine and identification papers rudely … Read more